We For People                        Date 12th May 2013

Dear Volunteers

We are really grateful to you to be a part of our renowned Ngo We For People.
As you all know that we are currently working on three project i.e 
1) Aarambh
2) Falak
3) Svasthya

  Here we are assigning you two assignments. You have to work on one of them by your choice and we want report on the same by the end of this week.

Assignment No. 1

1) Collect the details of uneducated poor children around you, He/she can belong to any slum or any area. 

2) Make a curriculum vitae (CV) of them with attachment of his or her photographs. 

3) Mail that CV by the end of this week i.e next Sunday.

Assignment No. 2

1) Collect the details of needy patients suffering from Cancer or Thalassemia disease.

2)Make a curriculum vitae(CV) of them with attachment of his/her photographs.

3) Mail that CV by the end of this week i.e next Sunday. 

Those who will perform well/best in both the assignment will be awarded with the Best Performer Tag for this month and will receive a letter of "BEST PERFORMER OF THE MONTH" from our NGO. 

By the end of this month i.e MAY 2013 we will conduct a meeting of all the respected members and volunteers of the NGO.  BEST PERFORMER OF THE MONTH will be rewarded there only.

Collect as many pictures you can collect of your work and mail them to us we will shortlist your pictures and print them in our upcoming Magazine   "We For People" or at our Website/Blog.

Note: If you want any extension for the same then you can text us back by this Wednesday, with the reason of delayed in your report. We will give you the extension if we found your reason genuine.

Thanking you
Team We For People
email: ngoweforpeople@gmail.com

Saurabh Dhingra

Send a child to school now !

Many children are waiting for that someone who will realize their dream of education. What means very little to us means a lot to them. Just Rs.500 a month can get a child access to good health, education and better living conditions. We For People's sponsorship program has helped thousands of children fulfill their dreams. Here's your opportunity to make a difference.

We For People is working for the same under project "AARAMBH" !!

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