Friday, 15 February 2013

We For People


WE HELP IN CREATING SELF SUSTAINING INDIVIDUALS......EASING LIFE FOR  DEPRESSED and DEPRIVED.....and also in UNLEASHING destitute and deprived from the shackles of ABJECTION and HARDSHIPS...............


GREATEST TRAGEDY IS THE INDIFFERENCE and "we for people" works to eliminate indifference from the lives of ill fated poor and destitute .it works to fill the gap left by insufficient or ineffective govt services by motivating, training and assisting the deprived especially children to improve their quality of life and enable them to b self reliant..

-Provide education to the under privileged children and youth.

-Identify their hidden skills and talents.
-Create platform where they can showcase their talent.
-Create employment opportunities.
-Assure them a better life.
-Create self sustainable individuals.


A Social Welfare Trust (Registered)
WE FOR PEOPLE is an association of people acting together on a continuous basis to help ,support and raise the underprivileged and forlorn .

a nation where child labour,illiteracy,bonded labor,prostitution,sati,dowry,female infanticide,sex trade etc is taking its toll.where begging is taken as a devotion to god,scavenging is taken up for making a living when at times even the baggage for scavenging is taken on lease "WE FOR PEOPLE" stands among st the masses calling for their serious concern towards these marginalized people and at the same time doing its bit by teaching the children ,identifying and showcasing their talents,creating employment opportunities etc.